victoria "Sapphic Pleasure (episode I)" November 25, 2013

Is a cold winter afternoon. Victoria and Renata are at home and watch the snow falling behind the fogged windows . They are talking about their lives, their desires , their men.  read more

And of course they're also talking about sex. They speak of the pleasure they feel when they make love . They tell each other how they like to be touched , what they like , what excites them and what makes them horny and what makes them orgasm. Both love to be licked and kissed all over her body . In Victoria really love to be licking the inside of her thighs. She likes to be nibbled on her clit . She likes to feel the tongue go inside her vagina . Instead Renata loves when someone licking her asshole . She likes to feel the tongue slipping between her buttocks . Victoria confesses that she likes lesbian sex . He says he likes women know how to lick her, women know how to enjoy her more than anyone else ... except his cock :-) The conversation between Renata and Victoria becomes increasingly hot and spicy. They start to take their cloth off and Victoria Puppy starts to lick Renata’s pussy. Victoria feels her vagina throb and get wet. She feels the liquid of her cunt increase profusely. Renata is horny too. Even her vagina is moist and turgid . The two girls look at each other and start touching each other. Victoria pulls out from behind the pillow her favorite toy erotic ... the new and wonderful her Hitachi Magic Wand. Renata looks really happy to see the erotic toy . She knows that the Magic Wand is not just a sex toy but rather is THE sex toy . With this gadget you can achieve powerful orgasms . Even for the Victoria Magic Wand is a great companion of orgasms and always carries with him wherever she goes . Victcoria Renata lies down on the couch and starts to rub her clit with the vibrator . The Victoria's clitoris is swollen and hard and her vagina is dripping fluid. She is WET . Renata quickly moves the Magic Wand and continues to rub the vagina of Victoria. She insists on Victoria's clitoris until she explodes in an intense orgasm that wets the further more of her cunt. While Victoria has an orgasm you can see the contractions of the muscles and the whole of her body. At this point Victoria takes the vibrator from Renata hands . Renata lies down and puts a pillow behind her head. She lay down comfortable and waiting anxiously Victoria begins to touch her with the vibrator and make her cum ... but that will happen in the episode II. Do not miss the powerful orgasm Renata and Victoria fisting the Fleshlight!.

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